Jane Pabon is a luxury consignment boutique located in Geneva, Illinois. Offering a meticulously curated selection of designer clothing, handbags, and accessories sourced from thousands of global consignors, Jane Pabon Boutique is a destination for anyone from the fashion novice to the educated collector. From vintage Hermès bags and pre-loved Chanel jewelry to contemporary one-of-a-kind clothing items, the shop, located on one of the most charming streets in the western Chicago suburbs, offers a sustainable and attainable way to shop designer and luxury goods. Jane and her team specialize in empowering women, helping them to find wardrobe staples and the kind of special pieces that attract endless compliments and confidence. Whether it be your first time exploring the treasures at JPB, attending a special event or private party hosted by the shop, or you are a loyal customer returning to find a new favorite piece to add to your collection, Jane Pabon Boutique is a place that will spark your inspiration and bring out the best version of yourself. 


An entrepreneur and visionary with an unwavering work ethic, Owner and Lead Stylist Jane Pabon has been a constant in the fashion realm for more than four decades. With experience working in the industry for Marshall Field’s and Sam Zell, opening the Ann Taylor flagship store on Michigan Avenue from the ground up, and spending the last 15 years running her luxury consignment boutique, Jane Pabon Boutique, Jane has developed a keen expertise in the world of fashion. She values quality and authenticity, which is undeniably reflected in every aspect of her business. Plus, as the owner of a women-run company, Jane understands the value of building women up and encouraging them to step out of their comfort zone. With a style philosophy of “be who you are, wherever you are,” Jane and her team help women discover their true style identity. 





The consigning process was easy, and I agreed with the edits they made to the items that I brought in — what they kept and what they sent back home with me. And they definitely take good care of your items while they are in their keep.

Mary P.

I really admire the way that Jane is able to empower women by helping them find their confidence. She's all about helping her clients and friends find their confidence through fashion. The shop is a place of empowerment, love, and confidence, where you can find a new style and a new sense of self.

Elizabeth R.

Jane is really good with fit and style, and she is very honest. The shopping experience at Jane Pabon Boutique isn’t just about the clothes. It’s about Jane. People respond to her personality and comments — she’s a big draw.

Sally J.


Jane Pabon Boutique would not be complete without its beloved mascot, Jane’s Morkie, Valentino. A true gentleman, citizen of the world, and lover of fine dining (Miami’s Call Me Gaby is his personal fave), Valentino can often be found greeting his fans on Geneva’s Third Street.